Penny Pax:

005Penny Pax‘s impatient and it shows the very second she’s out of the make-up room. Penny didn’t care to keep 13 big black cocks waiting anymore….and she got right to work.

The slutty white bitch goes down the line of usual suspects, teasing an all, right before dropping to her knees and servicing her superior black masters. One by one Penny goes down the line of black guys who are continually belittled by her male counterparts.

However, revenge and retribution come in the form of the white slut coating each black cock with her throat juices. We close the curtain on this update when Penny Pax‘s pretty face gets buried under several layers of thug sauce.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 9 / 10

+ Nice red head and big natural tits
+ Deep throat blowjobs
+ Great messy facial

– None