Haley Reed: Gloryhole.com

“Big rocks mean small cocks,” Haley Reed tells the clerk at the adult bookstore.

She’s referring to two things: her wedding ring…and her hubby. Haley loves to cheat.

It’s like a sport.

Haley loves the thrill of lying to her Hubby almost as much as she loves the thrill of big, black dick.

Both make her heart pound…almost out of her chest!

Today, she’s getting her thrills by telling Hubby she’s “out with the girls” as she’s searching for a glory hole.

Haley knows she’s in the right spot, too!

She’s done the internet research, and the clerk at the bookstore doesn’t deny a thing; in fact, the clerk leads her back to the arcade and to booth #7, where it all goes down!

And goes down it does!!

Haley‘s in the room for all of 2 or 3 minutes before a huge, thick black cock pops through.

There’s only one way Haley cheats, and that’s with “NSA” (no strings attached) black dudes!!

And where’s the best place for that NSA encounter Haley thrives on?

A glory hole, of course!

Watch her play with the huge load of jizz she earns…and if the phone rings and it’s Hubby?

Just answer and listen as Haley lies her ass off!


Amber Ivy: BlacksOnBlondes.com

Amber Ivy is a pin-up model, and she loves nothing more than to pose and do little strip-teases for the camera.

On his spare time, our director, Billy Watson, likes to take pictures like these.

But what happens when the word gets out, and the Black Bulls who make up his gang bang crew catch wind of one of these photo shoots?

They crash it, of course!

Amber is right in the middle of changing bikinis when they come rollin’ in, and it doesn’t take long before they’re running the show.

Soon, Amber is on her knees, servicing the horny gangbang crew with her mouth. That’s not enough, though, and the Bulls move to her tight, pink cunt.

Since Amber is a “three-input gal”, it doesn’t take long before they take her puckered asshole, too!

One of the Bulls then says, “Why not make this white bitch airtight?!”

Nothing looks better than a white slut with BBC hammering all three holes, except, maybe, a white slut on her knees and now turned into a cumdumpster!

Cadence Lux & Riley Reyes: BlacksOnBlondes.com

You’re about to witness history.

Interracial porn history.

We’ve teamed up two legends who have never worked a scene together: Prince Yashua and Mandingo!

Two legendary Bulls who absolutely wreck two white girls forever: Riley Reyes (who makes her Dogfart Network debut) and Cadence Lux.

We don’t even know where to start here: the hot, girl-girl action?

The two little pinks cunts, stretched to their limits?

The squirting?

The ass-to-mouth action?

How about a little creampie eating?

Before you start this update, makes sure no one’s home, you’ve got a hour (or so) to watch and re-watch your favorite parts…and get ready to fully understand why the Black Man has no problem taking white women on their command!!


Aidra Fox: Gloryhole.com

Aidra Fox just found her Hubby’s secret stash of porno, and she’s pissed.

Aidra was poking around his “man cave”, with a sneaky hunch.

Why the hunch?

Hubby hasn’t fucked Aidra properly in months!

When she found his jerk-off stash, as well as the receipt from the store he buys it all, Aidra jumped in her car and drove like hell there!

Once inside, she made ridiculous demands of the store clerk, who did manage to calm Aidra down.

Once he had he in a better mood, the store clerk got her back to the arcade section of the store.

You know what happens there!

Today, Aidra doesn’t get one BBC…she takes on two!

Can you blame her?

She’s out for revenge!

If Hubby gets to “cheat” with his porn, why can’t Aidra?

Watch what happens when a sexually frustrated, married woman has two big, black cocks right in her face!

What happens at the end is a surprise!

Aidra allows both to unload directly into her hot, pink cunt.

Why a surprise?

Aidra and Hubby are trying to have a baby!! No birth control for Aidra!!!

Zoey Laine: BlacksOnBlondes.com

Zoey Laine might have the worst step-dad in history…and that’s saying a lot!

You probably remember the last time you watched her service multiple Black Bulls, over at Blacks on Blondes sister site, Watching My Daughter Go Black: her step-dad almost lost Zoey’s dance studio due to his degenerate gambling!

Well…he’s done it again!

And not only has he finally lost Zoey’s dance studio, Zoey herself has wound up in a cage!

It’s official — Zoey is now property of the Dogfart Crew!

Zoey doesn’t even seem to mind!

Look at her give up her mouth and cunt and cums until she squirts!

Zoey’s a true submissive, and she loves it all!

Whether she’s paying off step-daddy’s debt or being called derogatory names, Zoey wants more.

And she gets it: bark bark little doggie!

Time to lap up all the jizz before being led back to your cage!!

Natasha Starr: BlacksOnBlondes.com

Gotta love the internet!

Where else can you rent an empty room in your house to travellers…and turn it into a way to get laid?!?

That’s exactly what Sean Michaels has figured out!

List your room online, filter the people who respond to hot girls only, and then work your magic!

As Sean is bragging to his buddies about this, sure enough!

A traveler from Poland — Natasha Starr — knocks on the door.

He’s been waiting anxiously, and it doesn’t take long before Sean’s crew is in the middle of a good, old-fashioned gang bang!

All of Natasha’s holes are filled in this one! I mean, what else would you expect from a European slut?!

She even eats ass!

Speaking of ass, after she’s turned “air tight” by the crew (all three holes filled at once) one of the crew drops a huge load right in her butt!

The others blow loads in her mouth and all over her face!

Natasha eats as much cum as possible before heading to Sean’s shower to clean up.

You better believe round two will start right after dinner!!


Giselle Palmer: Gloryhole.com

Giselle Palmer is a good girl.

Really, she is.

The only thing that brought her to this particular adult bookshop is her “bestie’s” bachelorette party.

All she needed was a simple, “naughty” gift to make all the girls laugh.

Maybe something really naughty…like a dirty movie?

Before Giselle knew it, not only did the clerk thrust one of the naughtiest videos in the store into her hands, he’s hustled Giselle back to a preview booth, so she can take a look!

It doesn’t take long for the creeps in the store to respond.

Soon, there’s a dick in the hole.

“I’m sorry,” Giselle says, “I love my boyfriend and it’s just not worth losing him by cheating with you.”

Seconds after she uttered those words, a second, much darker, much larger, cock appears.

It’s nothing like Giselle has ever seen before, and “well worth it”.

She can barely fit the whole thing in her mouth, which means it’s going to stretch her tight, white cunt beyond anything she’s ever experienced.

And it does.

The whole time, the inferior cock sits in the hole…waiting. For anything.

That never comes.

Except the black cock, which cums all over Giselle‘s pretty, blonde face!

Now, how is Giselle going to walk out of the store without all the customers knowing what a slut she’s just turned into?