Nikki Delano:

Nikki Delano is about to hit the road.

She’s a feature dancer, and she loves going from town to town, meeting new fans, and stripping for them!

Nikki has one problem: she needs a security team.

You know…a couple big men to escort her into the club; while Nikki‘s dancing, she doesn’t want creeps groping her; afterwards, she’ll need help getting all the money off the dance floor…and, finally, help manage the lines for photo ops and signings.

She’s approached two of her favorites, Lexington Steele and Rico Strong, and asked if they’re down.

And sure…they may be.

But first they’re going to need a taste of those big titties, her tight cunt, and that wet mouth.

Since Nikki is a black cock slut, this is a no-brainer: not only will she put out for both Bulls, she’ll continue to do so while they’re on the road!

Let’s call this a big win for everyone!!

Amber Ivy:

The word is all over the street.

A confirmed gloryhole is out there!

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Amber Ivy, rushing into the adult bookshop in order to find a “NSA” (no strings attached) hookup!

It doesn’t matter she’s on the phone with her boyfriend as she enters the joint, as she’ll lie about her whereabouts…as she usually does.

Once the store clerk determines she’s not an undercover cop, he’ll lead Amber straight back to booth number 7, where it all goes down.

Watch Amber as she allows all three of her slutty holes to be explored: first, her wet, willing mouth; then it’s straight to her warm, pink cunt; finally, she allows her new, random “friend” into her tight, tight asshole…a place her boyfriend has never been.

With her dress stained in another man’s jizz, Amber calls her dude to let him know she’ll be home soon!

Gabriella Paltrova:

Wide-eyed Gabriella Paltrova having her face pounded by big black cockWhat you’re about to witness is a typical Saturday night at The Dogfart Social Club.

With Slim Poke‘s original beats blaring in the background, your favorite group of hung, Black Bulls are drinking and gambling and shit talking.

They love bragging about the white girls they’ve taken during the week…and, of course, they love to cop feels through a cage which holds their latest capture: Gabriella Paltrova.

Make no mistake about it: “Gabi” loves being enslaved — only to be used — by the Black Man.

Once the Bulls decide it’s time to get down to business, they’ll release Ms. Paltrova and have her kneel before them, her mouth eager to please.

Then, all hell breaks loose.

The Bulls skull fuck Gabi, using her wet, warm mouth as if it were her soft, pink cunt.

Over and over they pound the back of her head until they can no longer hold back.

Then, it’s cum shot after cum shot, drenching Gabi is an enormous amount of sticky, sweet semen before locking her up again.

Once she dries off, and the Bulls grow bored of drinking and gambling, they’ll pull her back out of the cage for round two!Gabriella Paltrova covered in cum, holding two black cocks

Haley Reed:

Haley Reed wants a baby.


And all her attempts to get knocked up by a white guy have failed.


Sometimes Haley thinks to because she’s so tall (almost 6’5″ in heels) and, according to her, “little white dicks don’t do the trick!”

So today, she’s invited Lexington Steele over to help her out.

Haley‘s a self-proclaimed Size Queen, and today she’s going to attempt to get knocked up one more time.

Haley gives herself over to Lex as he’s cooking up some lunch, and before you know it, Haley is getting her pink cunt pounded by BBC right in her kitchen!

Her pussy is good, too…so good, Lex loses his first nut deep in her cunt and all over her ass about 15 minutes into it.

Doesn’t matter, though.

Lex stays hard and finishes the job, unloading another heavy load deep in Haley‘s fertile womb.

Haley walks away a satisfied, knocked-up Size Queen, and Lex…he goes back to finishing his lunch.

Dolly Leigh:

Dolly Leigh has a problem.

She just got into a fight with her boyfriend, Timmy.

Why is she having a talk with Flash Brown?

Well…he’s the reason for the fight. Timmy and Dolly and Flash are friends.

In fact, Timmy and Flash hang out a lot. There’s a lot of “couple dates”, too: Dolly and Timmy and Flash and whoever the white girl Flash is banging all like to hang out and do things.

But Timmy notices Dolly checking out Flash — a lot.

It doesn’t matter if they’re at a sports bar or walking on the beach or at a comedy club, Timmy always catches Dolly looking at Flash‘s crotch.

And sure enough, Timmy’s deepest fears are a reality.

“He’s right, Flash. I do look at you a lot…and wonder.”

It doesn’t take long for Flash to sniff out fresh meat, and he doesn’t care about Timmy as much as new, white, tight pussy.

Oh sure, Dolly is going to try and back out (“what if I just let you rub my feet? That’s ok, isn’t it Flash?”), but we all know where this is going to end up: Dolly, on her knees with Flash‘s load dripping down her face…and talk of turning TImmy into her cuckold!!!

Alexis Fawx & Gina Valentina:

They make for unusual friends, but Gina Valentina and Alexis Fawx have been “besties” for quite some time!

Why unusual?

Well…to start, Gina is just 20, and…well, let’s say Alexis is a “cougar”.

Gina‘s also “wild”, and…well, let’s say Alexis is a little conservative side.

Gina? Single and loves to mingle! Alexis? Married for quite some time…and kinda over Hubby’s small white wee wee.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise to see Gina drag Alexis into an adult bookstore.

It’s also no surprise to see Gina drag her back into the video arcade section of the store.

From there, a joke — along with some giggles and laughs — turns serious when then girls watch a movie that makes them horny.

Don’t get me wrong — Gina and Alexis have banged…but never in a place like this!

It doesn’t take long for a white dude to stick his dinky in the hole and hope for the best.

And don’t you know the best he’s gonna get is scorn and ridicule.

Which is about the time one of the most massive dicks either girl has ever see makes its appearance.

From there, the girls do things with that BBC they’d never do with their significant others.

The end turns a little evil, too…so to speak.

Gina finished the black cock directly into Alexis‘s hands.

Then Alexis uses the black man’s seed as “lube” to edge white boy…before leaving him with blue balls!


Jessica Jones:

Jessica Jones is a VLOG’er.

If you don’t know what that means, welcome to the 21st Century!

Jessica creates “video blogs” for her fans. They love her “channel”, mainly because Jessica is a hot blonde with nice tits and a beautiful ass, and she loves to show them off.

Her fans also love The Jessica Jones Channel because she interviews porn stars.

Not just any porn stars. She goes after the “black male talent” in the porno biz. She finds them fascinating! She also loves the “BBC”.

Think of Jessica as a “groupie” who chases the biggest, blackest cocks.

Enter Lexington Steele.

She’s booked today’s interview with one the the legends of the adult industry, and sure enough…a few minutes in, Jessica is sucking Lex‘s massive tool.

Doesn’t take long for Lex to get her in bed, where he pounds Jessica‘s 19-year-old cunt until he dumps a massive load deep into her fertile womb.

Jessica‘s admissions at the very end of their “fuck sesh” are shocking!!