Quinn Wilde: BlacksOnBlondes.com

Famous people often have crazy fans, and trust us when we tell you SuperBull Mandingo has the craziest fans of all.

Just look at Quinn Wilde, for example!

She’s willing to risk going to jail just to sunbathe topless — without permission — by “Dingo’s” pool!

Quinn knows the risk, but she’s fully aware of the reward, too: 13 inches of hard, hot black meat!

Sure enough, she’s caught, and after a brief conversation, pretty white girl Quinn is on her knees, poolside, sucking on what could be the largest BBC in the world.

It doesn’t take long for Dingo to stretch her tiny white cunt beyond recognition, and perhaps the old saying “once you go black, you never go back” might refer to once Quinn has had her pussy stretched this open, nothing else is the same?

Dingo plows Miss Wilde poolside before dumping his load right in her eager, willing mouth.

It’s a swallow for Quinn, and something tells me she’s going to be sneaking over to Dingo‘s more often for some hot, hot action!

Riley Nixon: Gloryhole.com

Riley Nixon has a “Daddy”, and boy…is Daddy strict!

Wait until you see what’s about to go down!!

Daddy likes dressing Riley like a slut, and then he shows her off around town.

For example, he might take Riley to the beach…but only if she wears one of those “micro-bikini’s”.

Or they might end up at a bar one night with Riley wearing the skimpiest miniskirt (no panties) she can find…and maybe she’ll up in the men’s room, blowing random drunk dudes as Daddy watches in delight.


Daddy has dressed Riley up like a cheap street walker and is marching her through an adult bookstore for all the customers to see.

Daddy is sending a message to the customers as he pushes Riley into a private arcade booth.

Once in there, Daddy will have Riley play with her pussy…until the dicks show up through the hole.

“She’ll suck, but only for money! Doesn’t have to be a lot!”

Daddy shouts through the wall.

Sure enough, a handful of one dollar bills comes through the hole…followed by what might be the biggest, blackest dick Riley‘s ever seen!!

Hubby scoops up his money and jerks as Riley pleases the stranger on the other side of the hole.

She’ll swallow two loads today — Daddy’s and the Black Bull’s — before being slut shamed by the customers as she leaves the joint!!!

Brooklyn Chase: BlacksOnBlondes.com

It ain’t easy being a real estate agent.

Long hours.

Only get paid when you sell.

Picky clients.

There’s something about today’s potential clients that Brooklyn Chase can’t put her finger on.

They appear to be five African-American bachelors.

But why would they want to buy a house together? Maybe they’re a team of investors?

It doesn’t take long for Brooklyn to get her answer: they’re involved in the pornography industry, and they need a location.

This discovery piques Brooklyn‘s interest, so she asks some pretty typical questions.

Doesn’t take much longer for The Bulls to pull out their over-sized dongs!

Brooklyn can’t believe how big they are!

She must taste one, at the very least.

Soon, the Bulls have her naked, and it doesn’t take much cajoling for Brooklyn to give up her pretty, pink cunt.

This, however, doesn’t satisfy The Bulls.

They want more. Much more.

Her ripe, puckered butthole.

And they take it before shooting loads everywhere: in her cunt, on her massive tits, all over her sexy stocking, as well as her face.

Think she got the sale?

Chloe Scott: BlacksOnBlondes.com

Chloe Scott has a problem: her boyfriend, Aaron.

He’s a nice guy and all.

Has a good job.

Treats Chloe nicely.

The issue?

He’s not very big “down there”, and he’s a premature ejaculator.

Flash Brown has a problem: his fiancé.

She’s a nice lady.

Has a good job.

Treats Flash nicely.

The issue?

She’s insanely jealous.

Flash can’t go anywhere without her, and if he does, she’s blowing up his phone.

Accusing him of cheating.

Accusing him of look at other women.

Chloe and Flash are friends, too.

Long time friends.

And they’re about to help each other out!

It starts with venting about the problem.

Soon, Chloe‘s on her knees.

She’s always wondered if Flash was “packing”.

When she realizes she can barely get the head of his enormous cock in her mouth, Chloe knows she’s going to become a “slut” for black men.

Flash loves Chloe‘s head game, almost as much as her tight, pink cunt.

It’s a cunt that’s only been with a few white boys, so it’s basically like a virgin’s cunt.

Flash gives Chloe what she’s never experienced — an orgasm.

Chloe returns the favor with something else she’s never experienced — swallowing Flash‘s load!


Angel Smalls: Gloryhole.com

Angel Smalls is upset with her boyfriend.

No, he didn’t cheat on her.


Recently, he called her a “prude”.

“All you wanna do is missionary with the lights off!”, her boyfriend said, right before marching out of the bedroom.

So here Angel is now, at an adult bookstore.

She’s started to dress more provocatively since her boyfriend said that, and today’s Angel is going to do something she’s never done before: buy a dirty movie.

Her plan?

Next time she and her man “do it”, she’ll have the lights on.

Angel will have the movie playing.

And she’ll be nude, waiting for him in doggy style when he comes home from work!

Since she’s never bought a dirty movie before, our friendly clerk is going to help her out.

Then, he’ll allow her — for free — to preview one of the DVD’s back in the arcade before taking it home.

Once in the booth, there’s some more surprises waiting for little Angel: what’s about to go down is a no-holes-barred (literally) suck and fuck session!

Angel‘s no prude!!

But she’s not gonna mess with the little white wee-wee, either!!!

Jennifer White: InterracialBlowbang.com

Jennifer White is having what she calls a “back yard barbecue”, but if you know Jennifer White, you know this isn’t going to be anything that resembles a barbecue.

No outdoor grilling.

No laying around the pool.

In fact, the only meat that’ll be served today are the dozen BBC’s who showed up, knowing all about Jennifer and the “back yard parties” she throws.

Jennifer makes sure to show up late, in the skimpiest bikini she could find, as well as a pair of stripper heels that’ll make your jaw drop.

It sure did make all twelve BBC’s stand at attention, and she hadn’t even dropped to her knees yet!!

And once she does?

It’s an all out blow bang, featuring Jennifer and her gorgeous mouth.

The Bulls are gonna skull fuck Jennifer in a variety of ways, before calling out “take it on the face!” or “Swallow that, snow bunny!”

That’s right — it’s a combo of facials and swallows, a dozen hot, creamy loads either splattered on Jennifer‘s beautiful white face…or dropped down the hatch, so to speak, filling Jennifer‘s tummy with a whole lot of Soul.