Aria Alexander:

228 It seems like these days it’s cool for white girls to be banging their personal trainers — especially if their personal trainer is a black man.

That’s exactly what Aria Alexander had in mind from the moment she eyed Nat Turner in her gym, peddling his wares. Nat‘s $50-an-hour workouts are punishing, and that’s part of what makes Aria‘s tight, white cunt wet with excitement.

The other? Nat‘s thick, black rod.

Aria knows Nat‘s a got some knowledge when it comes to getting hurt during a workout, too, so wouldn’t you know it? Aria “pulls a hamstring”. Or maybe it’s her groin?

Whatever the ailment, it’s back to Nat‘s therapy room, where he’s going to administer some of his special healing powers.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Aria has a great petite body with tiny tits
+ Hard pounding sex

– Weak cum shot

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