Brooke Summers:

101Brooke Summers is at her wit’s end when it comes to a bank loan she so desperately needs. We find Brooke speaking to a loan officer whose office attire is seriously lacking in professionalism.

Isiah Maxwell‘s in casual attire, and that doesn’t sit too well with the suspicious blonde. Rob Piper comes in and things take an interesting turn when her willingness to go the extra mile really shines through.

Brooke Summers uses her mouth and pussy to make our for her less-than-stellar credit score. Isiah and Rob use the bank’s office to show the eager slut the power of black cock.

The abuse of power is heavily on display as Brooke gets fucked on the desk right before she takes some sloppy, black seed courtesy of two vindictive black bankers.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Brooke has a great petite body
+ Nice facial

– Set up took a while

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