Brooke Wylde:

184Brooke Wylde is a Black Cock Slut. Really, she is. This ain’t no porno talk, or b.s. marketing scheme.

Brooke loves the black man — on or off camera. And when you ask her why, Brooke carefully formulates an answer — just to make certain she’s clearly understood. Brooke uses words like “swagger” and “confidence” and “size”, and she’ll tell stories of Friday-night club activities, in which the black man will approach, slap her ass, and pull her to the dance floor (a white man would be slapped for such behaviors) before he takes Brooke home to fuck all night.

Today, the Blacks on Blondes members are in for a special treat. This is Brooke Wylde‘s very first time simultaneously entertaining two black men.

The result? Multiple, (and very real) on-camera orgasms, before our two black bulls put Brooke on her knees for a double reward.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Fantastic natural tits
+ Brooke takes a real banging

– No DP or anal.

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