Cadence Lux:

Cadence Lux is a sex worker, and she’s looking for a job.

The adult bookstore not too far from her apartment is hiring!

She knows the store’s rep, too.

It’s a dirty place, and it’s more than just a place to pick up a dirty movie.

They’re a stripper’s area, and there’s even old-school jerk booths, where a man can be on one side of the glass partition, talking dirty into a telephone while the girl on the other side gets naked and plays with herself!!

The store’s manager gives Cadence a tour of the joint as part of the interview, and at the end of his tour, he has her step into another section of the store — the arcade booth.

It’s a private booth where anyone can preview a dirty movie!

But Cadence is curious! Why did the manager have her step into the booth?

Sure, there’s a dirty movie playing…but Cadence wonders, aloud, what the?

Which is about the time the first enormous black cock comes through the hole! Soon after, there’s a second!

Thinking this must be the “sure-fire way” to get the job, Cadence sucks and fucks and swallows.

What’s next for Cadence? You’ll see!!

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