AJ Applegate: BlacksOnBlondes.com

004BCSPP. Remember that acronym, as you’ll probably be seeing more.

AJ Applegate is about to throw a black cock slut pool party. As you can see, there’s six of her most well-hung friends…and her. That’s how these girls throw their pool parties. Invite a bunch of bulls over, throw on a micro-kini (way skimpier than a bikini), and then just kinda see “what goes down”.

As this scene opens, AJ’s BCSPP has been ruined by rain. Rain happens so infrequently in Porn Valley that AJ is stunned. Why not turn this into a gangbang? With all three holes open?

Whether they were by the pool or in the front room, it would have came to that anyway! And what a mess AJ is after this is all said and done. Jizz oozes from her pink cunt and down her face as the fellahs high-five their way outta there!


A.J. Applegate: InterracialBlowBang.com

007 The long-awaited blow bang of A.J. Applegate is finally here. The blonde beauty shakes her ass at a strip club where white guys dare not enter.

However, the amount of black patrons watching her dance is enough to get her juices flowing. The dancing eventually leads to A.J. going rogue by sucking down every black cock in the vicinity.

The club’s owner would go nuts if he knew his highest earner was now getting a train run on her.

Ms. Applegate’s pussy gladly welcomes about a dozen black cocks for its enjoyment.

The club’s rating goes from “A” to “C” when gallons and gallons of black goo rain down on the slutty stripper.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At DogFart.com” Review: 10 / 10

+ A.J. looks stunning
+ Great scene where A.J. squirts all over herself

– None – another flawless scene from InterracialBlowBang.com!