Alana Luv:

060It’s been about a year since you last saw Alana Luv on our network. The fan base she’s seen grow can only mean that her scene for was a smashing success….and we continue to listen to our fans.

Alana‘s back , but wants one more black cock for her interracial resume. And this is where Wesley Pipes and Moe Johnson comes in. Alana‘s deep desire to get DP’d have brought her back to where she first gamed notoriety–Dogfart.

Wesley and Moe waste no time in bringing the New York slut to her knees for a double blow job. The eager beaver sucks down as much black meat as her gag reflexes will allow.

However, her ass and pussy are the main course after her mouth just got things going in the right direction. Both black swordsmen take turns pumping her full of black dick(s).

Alana‘s asshole opens for business when the interracial DP goes off without a hitch. Alana‘s return to the West side sees her get slammed until her face welcomes two shotgun blasts of thug juice.

If her first Dogfart scene made her famous, this one will make her immortal.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 7 / 10

+ DP action

– Not much DP