Alexis Fawx & Gina Valentina:

They make for unusual friends, but Gina Valentina and Alexis Fawx have been “besties” for quite some time!

Why unusual?

Well…to start, Gina is just 20, and…well, let’s say Alexis is a “cougar”.

Gina‘s also “wild”, and…well, let’s say Alexis is a little conservative side.

Gina? Single and loves to mingle! Alexis? Married for quite some time…and kinda over Hubby’s small white wee wee.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise to see Gina drag Alexis into an adult bookstore.

It’s also no surprise to see Gina drag her back into the video arcade section of the store.

From there, a joke — along with some giggles and laughs — turns serious when then girls watch a movie that makes them horny.

Don’t get me wrong — Gina and Alexis have banged…but never in a place like this!

It doesn’t take long for a white dude to stick his dinky in the hole and hope for the best.

And don’t you know the best he’s gonna get is scorn and ridicule.

Which is about the time one of the most massive dicks either girl has ever see makes its appearance.

From there, the girls do things with that BBC they’d never do with their significant others.

The end turns a little evil, too…so to speak.

Gina finished the black cock directly into Alexis‘s hands.

Then Alexis uses the black man’s seed as “lube” to edge white boy…before leaving him with blue balls!


Alexis Fawx:

Alexis Fawx is a yoga instructor.

She’s married and she sees many clients, but none who turn her on like her favorite client, Jax.

In order for Jax to take it to the next level of bodybuilding competition, he needs more flexibility. His huge muscles need to be longer, and Alexis is the perfect Yogi.

Alexis has a little bit more in mind that stretching, however…unless you want to include her mouth and cunt. Alexis wants those stretched out, and Jax’s BBC will do the job just fine.

Alexis doesn’t care if she’s married. Her husband hasn’t satisfied her since 2005!

She’s looking for a big, black bull to make her pussy gush with orgasms, and that’s exactly what Jax does.

He pounds that white cunt until it squirts over and over!

What’s next?

It’s Jax’s turn to squirt! He skull fucks the beautiful, mature Alexis until he nuts all over her face?

What’s next?

Alexis’s Hubby! “Honey, I’m home!”