Brooke Wylde:

118Brooke Wylde is a Black Cock Slut. On the streets she’s refereed to as a “BCS”. You probably know this, but a BCS performs immoral sex acts for black men only. For instance, Brooke might leave a club with a black man and give up any three of her holes in his car while it’s still parked out back.

In other words, something she’d never do with a white boy. Don’t get me wrong: she’ll bang a white dude, but it’s never a naughty, random white boy. But that dude from the club I just mentioned? Brooke probably doesn’t know his first name. It’s the black man’s “swag” that gets Brooke to do things she knows she shouldn’t…including cream pies and swallows.

White boys pull out and shoot it on her tummy, but the Black Man owns her eager mouth and tight cunt. Ask the white boy Brooke just ditched for another random “BBC”!


Brooke Wylde:

159Fact: Brooke Wylde is a black cock slut. This isn’t a lie.

If you’re lucky enough to run into Ms. Wylde on a Saturday night, you’re probably on the dance floor at an all-black night club, where Brooke will be getting down with some of the brothas.

Today, watch her dress like a slut and wander into an adult bookshop…one she knows has those “preview booths” you can rent by the 1/2 hour. She grabs an interracial DVD, and once in the booth, it’s on.

Watch Brooke get naked and entertain whatever random, black cock pokes through one of the holes.

Against her common sense, Brooke will suck and fuck them until she’s a cum-covered mess. Then, it’s time to get dressed and march back out through the store, announcing to all the customers what a filthy, BCS she really is!


“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Brooke Wilde is cute and very enthusiatic
+ Good facial.

– None

Brooke Wylde:

184Brooke Wylde is a Black Cock Slut. Really, she is. This ain’t no porno talk, or b.s. marketing scheme.

Brooke loves the black man — on or off camera. And when you ask her why, Brooke carefully formulates an answer — just to make certain she’s clearly understood. Brooke uses words like “swagger” and “confidence” and “size”, and she’ll tell stories of Friday-night club activities, in which the black man will approach, slap her ass, and pull her to the dance floor (a white man would be slapped for such behaviors) before he takes Brooke home to fuck all night.

Today, the Blacks on Blondes members are in for a special treat. This is Brooke Wylde‘s very first time simultaneously entertaining two black men.

The result? Multiple, (and very real) on-camera orgasms, before our two black bulls put Brooke on her knees for a double reward.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Fantastic natural tits
+ Brooke takes a real banging

– No DP or anal.