Elektra Rose: BlacksOnBlondes.com

If you’re a business owner, you know finding help in this day and age is tough. Really tough. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at Elektra Rose.

She’s a waitress at a small sandwich shop…and she loves her customers.

Especially her African-American customers!

The problem?

They’re not “her customers” — they’re the boss’s customers — and Boss Man isn’t happy.

In fact, today’s might be Elektra‘s last day on the job.

“Please sir, don’t fire me! I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my job!”

Even though she’s never experienced the thrill of a gang bang, Elektra‘s a slut for the black man!

The Bulls know this.

So, lock the front door, pull the window shades, and put this Snowbunny Slut to the test!

The Bulls are gonna run a train, and they’re gonna warm up by using Elektra’s eager mouth.

After they’re done skull fucking her, The Bulls are going to pull her waitress skirt up over her full hips and bend her over one of the tables.

After the doggy train, the fellahs lay Elektra down on her back, where two of the Bulls unload directly into her pink cunt.

“But I’m not on birth control!”

No matter!

There’s one more load tossed on her face, before she swallows a couple more.

Oh…and if you’re wondering, Elektra kept her job.

Elektra Rose: BlacksOnBlondes.com

180Jack Napier and Jon Jon are observing what appears to be a police helicopter. Jack‘s paranoia has him thinking that a cheerful Elektra Rose is a cop decoy,and that he and Jon Jon are about to get busted.

However, the paranoia disappears once Elektra‘s beautiful, natural tits come out to play with both black guys. Jon Jon and Jack take liberties with the fresh piece of white meat at their disposal.

Elektra‘s milky white skin is in contrast to the dark skin of her new BFF’s. Elektra sucks down on each of their poles right before her pussy gets absolutely no mercy.

There’s no undercover cop who could ever look as fine as this white slut…..and her fuck hole is feeling the wrath of two angry, black guys.

The aftermath can only mean that it’s time to call 911 for her destroyed white cunt.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At DogFart.com” Review: 10 / 10

+ Elektra has a great innocent but dirty look
+ Deep throat blow jobs of huge black cocks

– Skip the first 5 minutes of set up