Giselle Palmer:

Giselle Palmer has a boyfriend, and he’s a white boy.

She’s always had her eye on some of her boyfriend’s African-American friends…one, in particular.

He’s a buffed Bull, and it seems he’s always over at their house.

In fact, today he’s taking a shower before he and Giselle meet Giselle‘s boyfriend over at the local sports bar.

But the Bull has some other plans.

Not only does he want to bang Giselle, but the Bull wants to document it on his cell phone!

Giselle isn’t going to lie: she’s always wondered what it would be like to bang some of her boyfriend’s hot, black friends…and today, she’s going to get her wish.

The Bull is also going to take Giselle‘s ass, not matter how much she screams!

She’s never had anything as big as The Bull’s thick, black meat stretch her shit pipe.

Hurt’s so good! Pain as pleasure!

She’ll swallow The Bull’s thick load, too, and still make it to the sports bar in time.

Giselle‘s boyfriend won’t suspect a thing at all!

Giselle Palmer:

Giselle Palmer is a good girl.

Really, she is.

The only thing that brought her to this particular adult bookshop is her “bestie’s” bachelorette party.

All she needed was a simple, “naughty” gift to make all the girls laugh.

Maybe something really naughty…like a dirty movie?

Before Giselle knew it, not only did the clerk thrust one of the naughtiest videos in the store into her hands, he’s hustled Giselle back to a preview booth, so she can take a look!

It doesn’t take long for the creeps in the store to respond.

Soon, there’s a dick in the hole.

“I’m sorry,” Giselle says, “I love my boyfriend and it’s just not worth losing him by cheating with you.”

Seconds after she uttered those words, a second, much darker, much larger, cock appears.

It’s nothing like Giselle has ever seen before, and “well worth it”.

She can barely fit the whole thing in her mouth, which means it’s going to stretch her tight, white cunt beyond anything she’s ever experienced.

And it does.

The whole time, the inferior cock sits in the hole…waiting. For anything.

That never comes.

Except the black cock, which cums all over Giselle‘s pretty, blonde face!

Now, how is Giselle going to walk out of the store without all the customers knowing what a slut she’s just turned into?