Jenna Ivory:

110As you’re well aware, a lot of debauchery goes down at the Dogfart Social Club. Whether it’s drinkin’ or smokin’ or gamblin’, this crew of black bulls has a favorite hangout for sure.

There’s an extra fixture in today’s madness, and it happens to be the beautiful blonde black cock slut, Jenna Ivory. Her sole purpose at the club is the same as all the white girls who get invited: to be used.

Jenna’s kept in a head cage to be used at Bulls’ whim. So, in the middle of a card game, a drink, or at the end of a joke, she may be groped, stripped, fingered, or put on her knees, where her eager mouth is used to pleasure the crew.

When Jenna’s mouth isn’t enough, there’s 2 more holes to use, and Jenna offers them up willingly.

After the crew drop their loads into Jenna’s mouth, it’s a big swallow before she’s put away…only to be brought out again when they’re ready for Round 2.


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Jenna Ivory:

010The term “snow bunny” fits Jenna Ivory like a glove. The blonde vixen is the newest addition to a long list of white sluts whose duty it is to serve the BLACK MAN.

We find Jenna outside where she’s very vocal about the dirty things she’s about to do. It’s not too long before about a dozen black guys make her acquaintance by feeling her up before round 2.

Jenna‘s mouth works the line-up of black men right before she’s bent over and the pussy is for the taking. A train of black men ram their way into her pussy-which guarantees that the rain of black jizz will be thick and plentiful.

And of course it is.

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