Miley May and Monique Symone:

052Employees. If you’re a business owner, you know what a handful they can be.

Enter Miley May. She’s one of those who takes excessive smoke breaks, checks texts and e-mails on company time, and, sure enough, she’s been lifting product out the back of the warehouse with her shitty boyfriend.

How did the CEO of the company discover all this? Well, there’s good employees, too. Ones who work hard, and care about the company that employs them.

Enter Monique Symone. She has the boss’s back, even when the boss has some unethical ways of disciplining Miley May, and even though Miley is reluctant to take her punishment, she knows her only other choice is jail.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Miley May looks innocent but nasty at the same time
+ Nice domination by Monique
+ Great reaction to the creampie

– Nice story but the intro was a bit long

Miley May:

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 10 / 10

+ Miley May looks stunning
+ Great cum soaking bukkake scene

– None – we love Miley May!