Nadia Ali:

038You’re in for an exotic treat! It’s not often you think of Middle-Eastern girls and sexuality, but that’s about to change. Nadia Ali loves black men. She loves porn.

Nadia loves shocking people when she walks into adult bookstores. Heads turn almost anywhere she goes, and today it’s to one of her favorite shops, so she can rent a viewing booth for half an hour and check out some new DVD releases.

Once in the booth, she peels off a few layers of clothing to reveal a beautiful set of tits, a juicy, round booty, and a wet, eager mouth and pussy. It’s not open to just anyone who sticks their dick through the hole, as you’re about to find out.

Just BBC’s, baby!


“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Nice sucking and fucking
+ Good facial.

– Intro was a bit long

Nadia Ali:

054Ever wonder how a college keeps its football players maintaining an appropriate grade point average to keep them eligible for the team?

Welcome to Ms. Nadia Ali‘s class, “Introduction to Diversity: Dialogues in Today’s World”. Yeap. It’s one of those kind of courses.

And today’s rowdy bunch are a tough group to handle. Ms. Ali tries to keep their attention, but in the end, things get our of control…and, yes, sexual.

The guys can’t believe how beautiful Ms. Ali is as layer after layer of clothing are removed, and the guys have been hot for teacher since the first day of class.

Watch as each guy takes his turn with Ms. Ali, and, in the end, her beautiful face is soaked in cum. Now that’s what Team Dogfart calls a dialogue!


“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 7 / 10

+ Nice gangbang
+ Good facial

– Nadia dodges the cum shots
– No anal / DP