Natasha Starr:

Gotta love the internet!

Where else can you rent an empty room in your house to travellers…and turn it into a way to get laid?!?

That’s exactly what Sean Michaels has figured out!

List your room online, filter the people who respond to hot girls only, and then work your magic!

As Sean is bragging to his buddies about this, sure enough!

A traveler from Poland — Natasha Starr — knocks on the door.

He’s been waiting anxiously, and it doesn’t take long before Sean’s crew is in the middle of a good, old-fashioned gang bang!

All of Natasha’s holes are filled in this one! I mean, what else would you expect from a European slut?!

She even eats ass!

Speaking of ass, after she’s turned “air tight” by the crew (all three holes filled at once) one of the crew drops a huge load right in her butt!

The others blow loads in her mouth and all over her face!

Natasha eats as much cum as possible before heading to Sean’s shower to clean up.

You better believe round two will start right after dinner!!


Natasha Starr:

079The Polish Princess is back for another round of interracial goodness.

The import from Eastern Europe takes on all types of black dick–but she’s about to fall in love with one that has no face or name attached to it.

Natasha‘s visit to a local adult bookstore sees her coming face-to-cock with a gutsy black patron of the same store.

Natasha‘s rental time for the booth doesn’t go to waste as she sucks down on some black stranger’s enormous cock. Her eyes nearly touch the filthy wall as she slurps on a lucky black stranger’s massive dong.

The recklessness of Natasha Starr goes up another level when she goes R-A-W on that random black dick.

The European slut shames her American rivals when she empties all of his nut’s contents.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 7 / 10

+ Nice to see a bit of bush on Natasha Starr

– Set up took a while
– Cum shot was a bit out of focus