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Rachele Richey was made to service big, black dick. Just look at her.

  • Blonde.
  • Beautiful.
  • Petite.
  • Big tits.
  • Tight cunt.
  • Ultra-tight asshole.

This girl is hardly 5 feet tall, which means her co-star today — the legendary Mandingo — has a cock as big as her forearm.

Even though Rachele gives it her best shot, she can’t fit it all in her mouth.

It barely fits in her tiny pussy.

And her ass?

Well…you’re about to watch ‘Dingo struggle just to push the head into her ass.

He barely gets a quarter of that meat up her shit pipe before Rachele’s eyes are rolling up into the back of her head!

Dingo has a difficult time, too, cause anything that tight is bound to make a fellah pop early!

He holds strong, plowing all three holes before Rachele spins off and drops to her knees to take ‘Dingo’s equally massive nut…right down her throat!

You know this little Bunny will be back for more big, black dick soon!

Next time, let’s toss a dozen her way?

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The Last Hurrah!

If you’re married, you know what I mean.

Rachel Richey’s about to get hitched, and she’s pulling out all the stops for her Bachelorette Party.

This includes cheating. Can you blame her?

I mean, who can only have sex with one person their whole life?! Not Rachele!

The good news for Rachele? She won’t even have to wait for the party!

She’s ventured into an adult store to buy “something naughty” for her party, but before she knows it, the shop’s clerk is showing her to the back of the store…where the “preview booths” are located.

It’s in there she’ll watch a dirty movie and get a big surprise. A really big surprise! About 11 inches of surprise…in the form of a big, black cock!

Rachele’s going to suck and fuck, and when I say fuck, I mean both sweet holes: her cunt and ass!

She’ll even let “the random” cum in her tight pussy!!

And get this: she’s trying to have a baby with her finance!

What in the world is she thinking letting that anonymous black cock jizz all up into her fertile womb?!

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005Sometimes, you end up on the wrong side of town. Most of the time that happens, it by accident.

When Rachele Richey ends up on the wrong side of town, it’s for one reason: she loves to live dangerously. It turns her on.

So, when she walks into a juke joint knowing full well she’s going to be the only white person in the place…well, it makes her cunt wet.

When she discovers she’s the only girl in the joint…well, she knows what’s about to go down. Rachele wants it to happen.

Today, for example, she struts her stuff right into the place and says, “can’t a girl get a drink in here!” Sure enough, she can.

Along with a whole bunch of black dick. Hear the barkeep yell, “make sure that door’s locked! We’re now closed for business!”

That’s when Rachele knows it’s time to drop to her knees, open wide, and do her best to swallow it all. Some of the black fellahs have never been deep throated before…until Rachele walked in the place.

She’s got no gag reflex, which makes all 13 of them bust hard…all over her beautiful blonde face!