Riley Reign:

Riley has always wanted to try a threesome but her boyfriend Jovan has never been too keen on it.

She has brought girls in for threesomes with him hoping it would open him up to other guys doing her but to no avail.

Until today.

Jovan‘s old college buddy Jonathan has come to town and he opens up about the fun times they had back at school.

In fact Riley soon learns that Jovan used to love sharing his girlfriends with other men and was always up for group action.

So now it’s time to confront Jovan with this and immediately seeing that Riley really wanted it and it was his old tag team partner after all Jovan allows his girl to get a double dicking.

Happy and horny Riley‘s eyes sparkle with delight as the two anacondas are released from their trousers and she can start sucking on them.

Having two dicks to suck on is much more pleasing as any girl will tell you.

Soon Riley is getting spit roasted as she gulps down one cock and has the other pounding her from the rear.

Oh heavens to Betsy – this is living!!

Over and over Riley is being buffeted with huge cock filling her up to her belly.

Her cunt stretched out and pulsating she is a bundle of orgasmic energy.

Why isn’t this happening to her on a more constant basis.

She needs more of Jovan‘s friends to fuck her.

More cock is what Riley needs.

Jovan has obviously opened Pandora’s box and there is no stuffing that genie back in the bottle.

Riley is a big cock addicted whore and will no longer be satisfied by just one cock.

Her face covered in drippy sweet salty gooey semen, she is in cock heaven dreaming of when her next double dong dosage will be.

April Olsen:

April thought she had it made.

She played the sugar baby game and got herself a man who was loaded.

Living large with fancy cars and a massive house in Beverly Hills she had it all.

That is until her hubby got popped for money laundering and now she is losing everything.

When the movers come to take back the furniture she throws herself on the couch demanding just one more day with her stuff.

One more night and she can get out to Nobu and find another sugar daddy.

Having no money to pay off anything she does what any hot young girl does in LA – she offers up her body.

Well the two movers see no reason to turn down a free lunch and some awfully fine white girl pussy so they decide to give April another night in her fancy crib.

Soon the cocks are out and April is back in the game as she hungrily devours those sweet stiff and firm cocks.

Her pussy is dripping wet and needing cock badly as the two workers take turns pounding her cunt and mouth-meating her.

So let this be a lesson to all you sugar daddy chasing sluts – don’t give up and just keep on fucking.

One sugar daddy gone, on to the next.

Use them holes while you can to your full advantage cause you ain’t going to be young forever.

Cleo Clementine:

Cleo’s home alone when her dad’s plumbing contractor stops by to check on a pump he recently installed.

Cleo offers him some water and “accidentally” trips, spilling the large glasses of water all over her t-shirt.


Jonathan rushes to help and Cleo rips off her wet top.

Jonathan can’t take his eyes off her tiny perky nipples and Cleo notices.

She goes for his dick and the moment she puts her hand on it, she goes dick crazy.

She can’t believe how big Jonathan is: he’s as big as her arm!!

There’s a big load waiting for her at the end too.

This lucky girl scored big today!