Chloe Chaos:

004It’s A.V.N time and Chloe Chaos is exhausted from all the work that comes with meeting her fans. Charlie Mac and Richard Mann are playing pool near a sleeping Chloe Chaos.

Both black swordsmen reminisce about 2 years prior when they had their way with Penny Pax. Now it’s time for Chloe Chaos to feel the pleasure that Penny experienced in Vegas during A.V.N. Chloe wakes up to find both black guys hovering over Chloe right before she makes her mark in yet another stellar Dogfart scene.

We suggest you cover your ears if the dreaded N WORD offends, disgusts, or sickens you in any way. Chloe‘s vile and filthy language is matched in her eagerness to please both black guys. Over two feet of black cock are at her pleasing…and that white pussy feels every inch they’re packing.

The N WORD is uttered throughout this interracial scene until both guys unleash their thug sauce right where it belongs. With scenes like this it’s easy to see why Chloe Chaos is a favorite at Dogfart.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 7 / 10

+ Chloe has a great body
+ Chloe gives good head
+ She sure has a dirty mouth

– Weak cum shots
– No DP

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