Chloe Couture:

Chloe Couture is a pervert. No lie.

Just look at her as this scene opens, skipping down the street when she should be in English class at the local community college, her ass hanging out of her short skirt!

What stops Chloe in her tracks?

An adult bookshop, of course!

She’s morbidly curious as to what’s inside…and what’s inside is going to be right up her alley!

It’s not the sexy lingerie or sex toys; it’s not the DVDs or even the booths where men jerk as they talk to a beauty on the other side of the glass wall!

It’s the arcade in the back of the joint, a dirty place where one can rent a movie and watch it right there, behind closed doors!

And what’s with all those holes drilled into the walls?

Chloe’s about to find out, and when she does, all three holes are open for business: mouth, cunt, and tight, tight ass!

Told ya she’s a perv!!!

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