Cindy Lou:

213Cindy Lou has a few scenes under her belt, and we’re already tossing her nearly a dozen black cocks for her enjoyment. We here at Dogfart are giving Cindy a budget for her own DVD.

The casting call brings in a “who’s who” of black male talent. Jon Jon, Charlie Mac and many others came in for an interview with Cindy hoping to get to perform with her.

With so many choices what was Cindy to do? Being the southern white slut that she is, Cindy had them all fuck her with the contract going to her favorite one of the bunch. And we were soon off to the races.

Cindy Lou had them all line up as she went down the line to suck them all to near completion. It seems as if she only got her feet wet with, and now she takes it up a notch with her first ever interracial gang bang.

The whore from the Bible belt isn’t satisfied with merely blowing about twelve feet of big , black cock. No. Cindy wanted the full Dogfart experience and she got it when her pussy was pounded, slammed and jammed with every black cock in the house.

Cindy Lou picked Moe after her face was covered by his jizz and his black brothers in arms.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Cindy Lou is a southern cutie
+ Nice blowbang and messy facial cum shots

– Cindy dodges most of the cum and doesn’t take any in her mouth

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