Jamie Michelle: BlacksOnBlondes.com

It’s a war going on for market share in the high end prostitute world of New York and this madame Jamie is taking a proactive approach to business.

It’s no secret that every pimp is flooding Manhattan with porn star hookers to sell their pussies for cold hard cash.

All these girls will hop from pimp to pimp or just try to steal the clients.

Jamie realizes this and is bringing in an army of BBCs to go after the wall street wives and executives.

Take Isiah for example.

Jamie met him at a fitness modeling shoot.

Now Isiah is ready to show just what a good man whore he is but first he has to get by the Madame’s own personal vetting.

If you can’t get her off you don’t make it to New York.

Pulling his massive love rod out he is hard from the trouser drop.

Oh my she thinks.

She sees one serious money maker.

Immediately she goes into cock worship mode as this huge chocolate cock will be making them both lots of green.

Soon enough she has the bouncing throbbing rock hard dick buried balls deep in her dripping snapper and she is coasting down pleasure highway.

Isiah has a point of proof and fucks the living daylights out of this hardened madame.

Jamie cums hard and over and over again on Isiah’s orgasm maker.

Soon he pastes her face with some hot goo as a reminder that there is a new sheriff in town.

And that sheriff is going to be swinging some dick in the big city.

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