Jaye Summers: Gloryhole.com

As the old, Italian adage goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

Take Jaye Summers, for example. Jaye’s just confirmed what she’s been thinking all along…her boyfriend, a white dude who we won’t name, has been cheating on her since Day 1.

Just look at Jaye’s determination, walking right into an infamous adult bookstore to demand where the arcade is located.

She even throws off the clerk, who’s worried she’s there to complain!

Make no mistake, she’s there to take care of business, and that business is The Sweet Dish o’ Revenge, in the form of some sucking and fucking and the icing on the cake: a creampie!

With selfies taken on her phone, no less, to send off to her boyfriend as soon as she’s dressed and out of the place!!

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