MaryJane Mayhem:

194MaryJane Mayhem is married, but don’t think that’s going to stop her from visiting one of her favorite adult bookstores and paying for one of those private viewing booths.

MaryJane loves porn, and she loves jerking off to porn, and there’s something “thrilling” about doing it in a public place. (Her words). MaryJane‘s a bit naive, and she wasn’t quite sure why anyone would drill a hole in the wall at a peep show booth…but she soon found out!

The sheer size of the black dick that came through the hole took MaryJane‘s breath away, and what else is a girl supposed to do when something of that size and magnitude presents itself?

In the end, it’s a big swallow for MaryJane, cause, after all, you can’t go home with jizz all over your face — or Hubby will know!

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 9 / 10

+ Great petite body and big tits
+ Nice gloryhole blow job and fucking
+ Good cum in mouth and swallowing

– None

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