Riley Reid:

Riley Reid is one horny slut. Just look at the way she behaved today.

She’s driving down the street, hand between her legs, when she notices an adult bookshop advertising a video arcade!

Riley‘s no stranger to the “street lingo”: video arcades really mean “g-holes” with “cruisy action”!!

Riley‘s got some time to spare; why not grab a booth and see what happens?!

It doesn’t take long for a BBC to pop through the hole!

Riley uses her mouth and cunt to get the well-hung bull on the other side of the wall to dirty up her cute, cute face with the sticky stuff.

It’s a no-strings-attached quickie, but something happens as Riley‘s getting ready to leave — yet another BBC!

“But I kinda need to leave,” Riley whines.

“Leave without satisfying me, and I’ll shame your slutty ass as you’re leaving the store! All the customers will know you’re a whore!”

So, with another man’s jizz all over her pert, petite body, Riley steps up to the plate for Round 2!

Oh…and did I mention the earth-shattering, very messy orgasm Miss Reid experienced?

I feel sorry for the dude who has to clean up after this one!

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