Ryan Reisling: Gloryhole.com

182Ryan Reisling’s on a mission. A mission for excitement!

She’s terribly bored being married and being a housewife.

She’s had it with hubby’s tiny white dinky and lights-off missionary sex.

She’s tired of his work hours.

She’s tired of cooking and cleaning.

So today Ryan’s taken it upon herself to check out the adult bookstore she passes whenever she’s going to the grocery store. T

he thought of a thick, black cock has always excited her, so why not buy one?

While purchasing the vibrator, the Adult Arcade caught her eye.

She wondered, what’s this all about?

The thought of playing with her pussy in an adult bookstore drove her over the edge.

What popped through one of the holes as she was acting out made her break her marital vows…and it only got naughtier from there!


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