Sara Luvv:

We all have a “bucket list” — you know, the things we wanna do before we kick it. Sara Luvv is no different, and one of the items on her list?

To enjoy a risky sexual encounter with a man she doesn’t even know!

That’s right, she’s on a mission today, so Sara’s headed over to a “full-service” adult bookstore, so to speak.

Full service? Well, in addition to the sexy lingerie and dirty DVD’s and lube, this joint has an area where strippers give lap dances, and there’s even an old-school jerk booth where you can talk to a girl on the other side of the glass over a telephone!

No lie!!

And there’s an arcade: three or four rooms where anyone can “preview” a dirty movie in a private room!

But why are there holes drilled in the walls that separate each room?

Sara knows, and she’s about to check off one more item off her list!

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