Alina West:

37Alina West is on the freshman cheer squad at her community college. Her boyfriend, Joe, QB’s the team. Rob Piper is the school’s star full back.

Alina‘s barely-legal, and she’s a horny little devil. Her issue? And the reason she’s walking home after the game with Rob?

Well, her boyfriend is a Christian, and he believes it’s best to wait until marriage before having sex. Alina West wants dick very badly, and she talks to Rob in confidence about this. Rob suggests they go back to his place, and Alina agrees, as long as they’re no “funny business”.

Back at his crib, Rob Piper puts all the moves on Alina…but to no avail. She doesn’t want to cheat on Joe! In a list-ditch effort, pulls a move any All-American playa would be proud of, and sure enough — it works. Alina‘s very first interracial sex! First IR anal, to boot!

Quick question for y’all — if it only goes in her ass, that means she’s not cheating on Joe…right?

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 9 / 10

+ Great “barely legal” teen body
+ Deep throat blowjob
+ Nice anal and ATM action culminating in an anal creampie

– Would like to have seen more of the creampie

Kasey Warner:

013Kasey Warner is the cheerleader that just doesn’t seem to get quite enough attention.

At 18 years of age she cheers for her community college’s football team where her boyfriend, Andy, is the QB. Rob and Isiah are his teammates and Kasey‘s in dire need of their attention.

Kasey takes Rob and Isiah back to her place, where, of course, she shows them up-close how flexible she is. Both future professional players take the hint and begin fucking around with Andy’s girlfriend.

Isiah and Rob both get their big black cocks sucked by the eager beaver. Andy’s cheating girlfriend doesn’t care that she’s now fucking his wide receiver and running back. And she doesn’t give a fuck.

Isiah and Rob take turns slamming into her white pussy until the two minute warning comes–in the form of some popshots to the face.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Kasey looks cute in pig tails
+ Nice facial cum shots

– The “innocent teen” look isn’t very convincing, this girl is clearly *dirty* 😉