Jasmine Jae: Gloryhole.com

You’d think the British, super-slut Jasmine Jae would have made it into an American adult bookstore by now, but nope! Never been.

She’s curious, so as she’s taking a stroll by one, Jasmine decides to check it out.

She happened into the right store…that’s for sure. It’s an adult super store, nothing like what’s back home: dirty movies, a stripper pole, old-school booths in which sex workers can dirty talk over the phone while customers jerk…and the video preview booths, of course!

Next thing Jasmine knows, she’s being hustled into a preview booth, which would make sense. The owners love the fact their random customers can get blown!

Keeps bringing them back!

Today, however, Jasmine shows some restraint. Why?

The small white dick that comes through the hole isn’t something that would make Jasmine break her wedding vows.

The 12″ slabs of dark meat that pop through soon after?

Well, you know what goes down. It isn’t cheating if she only offers up her ass, right?

And there’s no way you can get knocked up with an anal creampie or a swallow, right?

What about the poor white guy left in the hole? Two words: blue balls.