Jenna Ivory:

110As you’re well aware, a lot of debauchery goes down at the Dogfart Social Club. Whether it’s drinkin’ or smokin’ or gamblin’, this crew of black bulls has a favorite hangout for sure.

There’s an extra fixture in today’s madness, and it happens to be the beautiful blonde black cock slut, Jenna Ivory. Her sole purpose at the club is the same as all the white girls who get invited: to be used.

Jenna’s kept in a head cage to be used at Bulls’ whim. So, in the middle of a card game, a drink, or at the end of a joke, she may be groped, stripped, fingered, or put on her knees, where her eager mouth is used to pleasure the crew.

When Jenna’s mouth isn’t enough, there’s 2 more holes to use, and Jenna offers them up willingly.

After the crew drop their loads into Jenna’s mouth, it’s a big swallow before she’s put away…only to be brought out again when they’re ready for Round 2.


“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 10 / 10

+ Jenna is a true porn STAR
+ Great gangbang with anal sex

– None, download now!

Valentina Nappi:

143Valentina Nappi is a porn star.

That term is often tossed around loosely, but not when it concerns Ms. Nappi. Valentina Nappi‘s an Italian sexual dynamo.

Her big, phat ass matches her big, all-natural tits. Take one look at her beautifully trimmed snatch, then realize it’s as tight as it is pink and wet.

Take a look at her other superb scenes across The Dogfart Network: most recently, it as an 11-man gang bang over at Moe’s new strip joint; Valentina‘s first appearance at Blacks On Blondes was a D.P. that left members speechless; she’s as great a cuckoldress as she is taking on 11 black bulls using only her mouth to get them all off.

The icing on the cake? Today it’s Valentina versus Mandingo.

Mandingo. Perhaps the most well-endowed male performer ever to step foot in Porn Valley, and you’re about to witness Valentina Nappi take Mandingo up her tight asshole.

Mandingo opens up her pussy until it gapes, and he’s going to do the same thing to her ass. You’ll be shouting “bellissima!” after this one’s all said and done.



“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 10 / 10

+ Valentina looks stunning
+ Great anal and ATM
+ Valentina + Mandingo = amazing fucking

– Intro was a bit long

Keisha Grey:

247You’re about to witness a porno match up of epic proportions.

In one corner, Keisha Grey, hailing from Florida and one of the biggest names working Porn Valley today. In the opposite corner, the legendary Mandingo. Does the man with arguably the biggest dick in the history of porn really need an introduction?

Keisha Grey‘s here for one reason, and that’s to test the boundaries of her butt hole. Will it allow Dingo’s massive black cock entry? And just how far can Keisha‘s brown hole stretch open?

It was straight to the A for Dingo, and we weren’t sure if Keisha could hold her own. With every thrust, Keisha opened up wider and wider, in between positions tasting her puckered asshole off Mandingo‘s 12 inch dong.

As with any classic match up, this one goes the distance with Keisha‘s incredible anal skills making Mandingo erupt in the final round, his mighty load splashing Keisha‘s tongue and face. She swallowed it all, and whatever ended up on her face she scraped off and ate.

After it was all said and done, I’d call this one a draw. And demand a rematch!


“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 9 / 10

+ Mandingo. Anal.
+ Nice cum shot.

– None

Harmoni Kalifornia:

113Gotta love the “cruisy” gloryholes. You might not be familiar with the term, but just like it sounds, if a gloryhole is cruisy, it’s seeing a lot of action, and today is no exception.

Self-proclaimed Queen of Spades discovered the hole we’ve been shooting lately, and she makes no bones about calling hubby as she’s walking in to let him know shit’s about to go down.

She’s kind enough to stay on the phone with Hubby as the dirty movie plays, but once the 11″ slab of black meat pops through “the hole”, conversation’s over. Time for Harmoni to go to work. Sure, she’ll send a few “selfies” with the enourmous black rod in her mouth…but that’s all Hubby gets.

Harmoni, on the other hand, is rewarded with a cream pie, laid down deep and thick in her womb.


“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 8 / 10

+ Fantastic natural tits
+ Nice cream pie

– More cum play would have been nice

Valentina Nappi:

002They say imitation is a sincere form of flattery, so Rico Strong should be flattered! After opening his strip joint and having the fellahs give girls like A.J. Applegate and Juelz Ventura a “try out”, Moe “The Monster” Johnson has decided to do the same.

He’s just opened his joint, and it’s a great club! The stage is one of the biggest around, and he’s getting the porn stars, too!

The first girl trying out? None other than Italian Superstar Valentina Nappi!

Valentina Nappi knows porn start make a lot of money feature dancing, so here she is at Moe‘s, ready to impress him and his crew. Moe‘s got a large crew today — 10 hung brothers — and they’re all anxious to see if Valentina has what it takes.

I think after you witness this epoch gang bang, with anal and ATM, you’ll agree with MoeValentina will feature on opening night!

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 10 / 10

+ Valentina is gorgeous
+ Nearly 1 hour of sucking and fucking black cocks
+ Lots of anal, DP and ATM
+ Valentina takes on an ELEVEN man gang bang

– Too much porn?

Natasha Starr:

079The Polish Princess is back for another round of interracial goodness.

The import from Eastern Europe takes on all types of black dick–but she’s about to fall in love with one that has no face or name attached to it.

Natasha‘s visit to a local adult bookstore sees her coming face-to-cock with a gutsy black patron of the same store.

Natasha‘s rental time for the booth doesn’t go to waste as she sucks down on some black stranger’s enormous cock. Her eyes nearly touch the filthy wall as she slurps on a lucky black stranger’s massive dong.

The recklessness of Natasha Starr goes up another level when she goes R-A-W on that random black dick.

The European slut shames her American rivals when she empties all of his nut’s contents.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 7 / 10

+ Nice to see a bit of bush on Natasha Starr

– Set up took a while
– Cum shot was a bit out of focus

Valentina Nappi:

080Warning: The following blowbang with Valentina Nappi defines the very word of “insanity.”

The Italian import makes her return to our network by orally pleasing the cocks of about a dozen guys. Valentina’s completely in charge of the situation as she verbally degrades the gang of black guys right before stuffing their big black cocks in her mouth.

Now, if this was all that happened then it would still be a stellar scene. However, Valentina gets tossed around like a rag doll by some of the angriest black guys this side of the tracks.

The long-awaited blowbang of Valentina Nappi comes to an end when her make-up runs as a result of all the cannon blasts of jizz her face welcomes.

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“I Fuck Black Guys At” Review: 9 / 10

+ Valentina is smoking hot
+ Rough play with gagging and spitting

– No fucking, but then it is a blowbang