Fragments of Forever

Fragments of Forever: Vignettes from real time conversations that invite a deeper connection to the present moment by Black Men Smile Creator, Carlton Mackey and Director of Narrative Media, Je’ Griffin

“We are a collection of experiences and memories on a journey to become the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.” -cm

Within the infinite spectrum of time, each experience is but a fragment of forever…with each piece possessing the profound responsibility of shaping our existence. Each fleeting moment is a testament to the divine intricacy of creation, held together by the glue of our faith and the boundless power of our belief.

In the vast expanse of eternity, our present becomes a sacred sanctuary, a divine convergence of past and future, and a nexus of infinite potential. Though we struggle with our desire to only see the big picture, through the lens of faith we attempt to behold the magnificence our fragments…embracing their inherent significance with reverence and gratitude. For it is through faith that we unlock the true essence of existence, transforming minuscule moments into a timeless testaments to our beauty and resilience.

In every breath, in every heartbeat, we are graced with the essence of eternity, beckoning us to cherish the ephemeral splendor of our Fragments…of Forever.

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